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Payroll Management

Payroll management can become hectic and time consuming; looking after tax, advances, loans and other nitty gritty items especially when operational work load is reaching its limit. We are successfully managing payroll for some of our clients and will be glad to look after the same for your corporation. Our services in this regard include monthly reports on:

Salary Information

Comprehensive data on individual employee compensation details.

Salary Register

A record or log containing a systematic account of all employee salaries.

Bank Advice

Documentation of salary payments along with a concise overview.

Cost Summary

A brief overview of overall expenditure related to employee salaries.

Income Tax Calculation

A computation of the income tax liabilities based on employees' earnings.

Provident Fund Statement

Detailed report on employees' provident fund contributions and status.

Loan and Advance

Overview of loans and advances provided to employees.

Pay Slips

Individual breakdown of an employee's earnings and deductions.