Born at Dhaka on 20th October 1940. Son of the late Dr Mahmood Hasan, who joined the Dhaka University when it was set up on 1st July 1921, and was Vice Chancellor from 1942 to 1948. Studied at Dhaka College and Notre Dame College. Stood First Class First in the Intermediate Science examination in 1956. […]

Obtained a first class BA (Hons) in 1969, and a first class MA in 1970, in Statistics. Secured first position in the University in both. Joined Eastern Federal Union in 1970 as an actuarial trainee. In 1973 went to UK and joined the Pensions Actuarial Division of Clerical Medical & General Life Assurance Society. Qualified […]

Secured second position in Secondary School Certificate Examination in the year 2000. Was given letter of appreciation and merit scholarship by the Governor of Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad. After passing the first four courses of Society of Actuaries joined Akhtar & Hasan in the year 2004. Became Associate of the Society of Actuaries, USA in the […]

Born at Karachi on 7 Dec 1978. Son of Mr Abdur Rahim. Secured third position from Board of Secondary Education Karachi. Awarded Umer Fazil Farooq Gold Medal from Kutiyana Education Board. Did B.Com in first division from Government Collage of Commerce and Economics in the year 1998. Joined Akhtar & Hasan in 2006. Completed all […]

Completed A-Levels in the year 2003 from The Lyceum School, and later that year started with the exams of the Society of Actuaries. Joined Akhtar & Hasan (Pvt) Ltd in 2005 as an actuarial risk analyst. I am always attracted to new discoveries, which challenge established wisdom. The quest for self-discovery and personal accomplishment brings […]

Completed High School Education in 2008 and was fortunate to join Akhtar & Hasan in the same year as an Actuarial Risk Analyst. The decision of pursuing with actuarial science as career was a tough one. I explored many careers after completing my high school education. I ultimately opted for actuarial science, because of its […]

International Accounting Standard 19 (IAS 19) on Employee Benefits is important for all entities who provide long term benefits. The International Accounting Standards Board have announced amendments which are mandatory from accounting years beginning from 1 January 2013, subject to any instructions issued by the SECP. The amendment may have a significant impact on reporting […]

Completed High School Education from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School. Currently studying for Actuarial exams and pursuing Graduation in B.Com. Joined Akhtar & Hasan (Pvt) Limited as soon as I started studying for Actuarial exams in Dec 2008. I am an Associate of the Society of Actuaries. I stumbled into Actuarial Sciences rather than looking […]

Incentives for good performance are an essential component of remuneration. There are many systems which do this. Each organization has its own mix. Each cadre has its own needs. Incentive schemes for front line salesmen cannot be the same as for top management. Employee share option schemes are perhaps the most complicated to understand and […]