Completed A-Levels in the year 2003 from The Lyceum School, and later that year started with the exams of the Society of Actuaries. Joined Akhtar & Hasan (Pvt) Ltd in 2005 as an actuarial risk analyst.

I am always attracted to new discoveries, which challenge established wisdom. The quest for self-discovery and personal accomplishment brings out the best in every one. In a search for excellence, I ventured into this exciting and electrifying discipline of actuarial science, and the journey began at the prestigious consulting firm of Akhtar & Hasan (Pvt) Ltd. This firm is a group of like-minded and able individuals who strive to craft a workplace that is professional and well-organized to meet the diverse and demanding needs of clients. On a personal note, the working environment of this place is remarkable and welcoming and gels well with my personal style and attitude. Here at A&H, I learned a great many things which enhanced my professional outlook and understanding of the inner-workings of the corporate world. On the technical front, assistance in the management of the employee benefits schemes
and maintaining an effective, reliable and functional data source is part of my job.

To revitalise myself, I am into personal fitness and soccer which boost me up for another day at office. Another pastime is that I enjoy making and editing short films, which was my sideline activity for quite a while.

Our market is evolving and certainly the sky is the limit. To witness this evolution and be a part of it will be an honour for me and my colleagues, and we will do our best to make it possible (Inshallah).