Secured second position in Secondary School Certificate Examination in the year 2000. Was given letter of appreciation and merit scholarship by the Governor of Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad. After passing the first four courses of Society of Actuaries joined Akhtar & Hasan in the year 2004.

Became Associate of the Society of Actuaries, USA in the year 2008 and completed fellowship in 2012.

Mathematics and the challenge of passing the actuarial exams were the two major things that motivated me to enter in this profession. But after taking some courses I realised that actuarial science was much more than only mathematics. I started taking SOA courses after my HSC exams in 2002. I decided to work after taking Course 4 of Society of Actuaries to gain experience in this field. I was fortunate to join one of the leading consultancy firms in Pakistan.

At Akhtar & Hasan there is never a dull moment. The working environment here is very comfortable. We keep with pace of the market by constantly improving ourselves with immense training and interactive seminars.

It was not very difficult for me to understand the basics of an actuarial valuation as I was familiar with its concept. After training, I carry out actuarial valuation of retirement benefits schemes and manage accounts for major provident funds. I am also involved in designing retirement benefits valuation programmes and costing of benefit changes. On the life insurance side, my work involves pricing and statutory valuation of insurance companies.

My experience at the firm has enhanced my capabilities to manage and tackle difficult and diverse practical situations not only at work but in different aspects of life as well.