Completed High School Education in 2008 and was fortunate to join Akhtar & Hasan in the same year as an Actuarial Risk Analyst.

The decision of pursuing with actuarial science as career was a tough one. I explored many careers after completing my high school education. I ultimately opted for actuarial science, because of its uniqueness and demanding nature. I was always told that actuarial exams are one of the toughest exams to pass, but instead of fearing them, I took it as a challenge and successfully earned the designation of Associate, Society of Actuaries, US in February 2011 at the age of 20 years. Continuing with the pace post-associateship, I completed all Fellowship exams and attended the Fellowship Admission Course (FAC) conducted by Society of Actuaries in Bangkok, Thailand in October 2013 to qualify as a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, USA (FSA).

Akhtar & Hasan is a leading actuarial consultancy in Pakistan and the job at the firm has meant working with the best in the business. By virtue of the firm’s standing in the market and its considerable clientele, I have had the opportunity to be involved in the actuarial valuations of many high profile retirement benefit schemes in the country.

At Akhtar & Hasan, the work environment is challenging, diversified and object oriented. Every day comes with new challenges and it gives me great satisfaction to explore different ways to meet the variety of work requirements. I am involved in almost all dimensions of actuarial consultancy and it is the diversity of work that attracts me the most. On the life insurance side, my work involves pricing, product development and reserving. In the retirement benefits area, my focus is on designing and valuation of retirement benefits plans and calculating the financial impact of amendments to retirement benefit plans and conversion of defined benefit plan to defined contribution plan.

Following the code of ethics and Standards of Practice in my day to day work ensures that the work carried out is professionally sound and is vital in upholding the integrity of my credentials and the actuarial profession in general. The professional education I received gives me more confidence and a deep understanding of actuarial applications.

What distinguishes our firm is that we always strive for excellence, well above the minimum standard required.