Born at Karachi on 7 Dec 1978. Son of Mr Abdur Rahim. Secured third position from Board of Secondary Education Karachi. Awarded Umer Fazil Farooq Gold Medal from Kutiyana Education Board. Did B.Com in first division from Government Collage of Commerce and Economics in the year 1998. Joined Akhtar & Hasan in 2006.

Completed all exams of the Institute of Cost and Management
Accountants of Pakistan in 2008.

My natural inclination towards analytical skills brought me into the accounting profession. I joined Akhtar & Hasan in 2006 after passing some examinations of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan. At Akhtar & Hasan, the work environment is challenging, diversified and object oriented. The client base comprises organisations from various industries with a variety of retirement benefit programmes.
My commerce and economic background enables me to provide accounting services thoroughly. On the accounting side, we assist in the preparation of annual accounts of retirement benefit funds in accordance with International Accounting Standards and relevant regulations. We also provide consultancy on the day to day management of Provident Funds, other than investment advisory services.

Change is constant, and the future is surrounded by uncertainty. Professionalism is characterised by the same dynamism, as the underlying financial and regulatory environment keeps changing. While keeping the past in mind, we watch the current environment, look at the direction of change and adjust ourselves to cope with an uncertain future.