Completed High School Education from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School. Currently studying for Actuarial exams and pursuing Graduation in B.Com. Joined Akhtar & Hasan (Pvt) Limited as soon as I started studying for Actuarial exams in Dec 2008. I am an Associate of the Society of Actuaries.

I stumbled into Actuarial Sciences rather than looking for it. I am primarily a Computer Geek, with a fondness for solving complex mathematical problems. Sat in my first Actuarial exam, just to have a feel of what Actuarial studies were about, and I’ve been sitting for these exams ever since. Joined one of the most prestigious Actuarial firms in Pakistan, Akhtar & Hasan, just after my first Actuarial exam, which was a great plus for me and my career as an Actuary.

As part of the team, my main focus is on designing and valuing the cost of retirement benefit schemes and modelling the liabilities in respect of these benefits. This often involves study of the expected liability cash flows generated by the model and the probability
associated with these cash flows. My work at Akhtar & Hasan not only entails solving complex equations and modelling long-term benefits, but also converting something that is intricate and not self-explanatory into something that feels simple and understandable.

Although life at Akhtar & Hasan is very busy, somehow I manage to maintain digital art, 3D animation and reading Fantasy novels as my leisure pursuits.