We facilitate in identifying and measuring the risks faced by corporations and individuals and providing solutions and strategies to manage and mitigate those risks. Our core business includes servicing employees’ retirement benefit scheme with scheme development, drafting trust deeds and rules, valuations and other miscellaneous tasks. We provide consultation to life and general insurance and takaful companies. We also provide our valuable services on employees share option schemes. Our accounts section can manage and administer your provident fund, defined benefit/contribution pension and gratuity funds.
Actuaries apply financial and statistical theories to solve real business problems. These business problems typically involve analysing future financial events, especially when the amount of a future payment, or the timing of when it is paid, is uncertain. A lot of actuaries' work might be thought of as 'risk management', assessing how likely an event may be and the costs associated with it. The traditional areas in which actuaries operate are: consultancy, life and general insurance, pensions, and investment. Actuaries are also increasingly moving into other fields, where their analytical skills can be employed.
Integrity and professionalism over 46 years of actuarial practice has earned us respect and name in Pakistan as the leading actuarial consultants. We believe in superior customer service which our employees have practiced over the entire history of the firm. Providing services up to the client’s satisfaction is the key to our success. Maintaining our professional values, we aim to engage with foreign clients and explore Asian market along with providing the excellence of service to local clients. We are determined to hire and polish young talented students to add assets in the small actuarial community of Pakistan.